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Remember that brilliant moment when Ten pointed out how badly OOC Queen Elizabeth 1 was acting and deduced she must be a zygon because of it? 

Even Ten was confused as hell by that sexist bullshit rewrite of her entire ethos and personality. 

But then remember that it was the actual Elizabeth after all? 

So basically Moffat decided to take a shit all over her and her memory and her life but also found his shitting over a major historical figure and powerful woman hilarious, apparently, because he cheerfully pointed out the fact that this inspirational independent queen was actually just another lovesick woman after all. 

Can Moffat actually write a historical woman and focus on her actual talents and achievements? ‘Cause for some reason he seems pretty darn determined to make every single one in love with the Doctor all the while not bothering to so much as mention the actual reason they’re remembered in history. 

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13 awesome people I know did a Doctor Who / Hunger Games mash-up.

What I especially love:
-The table full of random doctorphernalia
-“He didn’t want to go”
-Peter Capaldi-doc literally cursing his luck
-really all of it

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Hey remember that Doctor Who monster I helped build for Gallifrey One? Here’s the actual sketch it was in. Hope you guys enjoy.


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“If Amy Pond can soldier on, then so can Vincent van Gogh”

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Today is the official Who-Mas celebration here at our abode!

Super excited! We’re going to drink Who themed drinks and other various boozes and watch the Christmas specials! ^_^ I’m super excited and tried to dress as festively as possible. There will be Who-Mas spam and I’m sorry I’m not sorry! 

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