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So this is a thing that happened today. It all started when my friend posted this article on his Facebook: 


It’s about one of the ladies of GoT deciding she didn’t want to do nude scenes any more. I say good on her, as did my friend. This one person however had a different opinion and was getting a little intense about it. I, being a little shit and wanting to lighten the mood, corrected her spelling. She did not like that and took a few passive aggressive shots at me. Which I deserved but did not appreciate, so I then went to defend myself. The Friendwife also stepped in. This is what took place.

I don’t know if anything was really achieved or if I presented my case properly. All I can say is this went down today and I will never stop calling out the patriarchy.

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    "Fuck the Patriarchy" time is the best time.
  11. camsinternetbrain said: You’d think that all the female characters would have reached their nudity quota by this point. I mean, we have to have enough footage of their chestal regions after 3 seasons to, I don’t know, CG some nudity onto them or something?
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